Miss Terry Woman came into graphic designing later in her working life, and in her small amount of spare time, has been slowly growing her collection of images, which she adds to products in her four online stores. Her quirky sense of humour shows up in some of her designs. The products themselves are made by Zazzle and CafePress, and these companies pay a tiny fee to Miss Terry for the use of her images.

Additionally, Miss Terry is writing a series of fiction books which she hopes to have published in the next few years.

Having worked in administration for 30 years, she was also a volunteer radio presenter for 11 years, and editor and journalist for 7 years. While she never had any children of her own, her strong maternal instinct and loving heart led to her becoming a foster carer for several years during which time she was able to help 28 children.

Miss Terry enjoys being with her rescue cats and two small dogs, and spending time with her friends.

Here are 2 examples of Miss Terry's quirky designs, a parody of the famous book and classic movie "The Phantom of the Opera."

The second is another parody, but of the film once voted as the worst horror movie of all time, "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes."

But why a squirrel as the bad guy? Terry pondered which cute little creature would be the last you'd imagine could be a villain, and soon thought of squirrels - after all, cute kittens were just too obvious!

Enjoying her quirky side